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Do you need a smart changing pad for your baby?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We tried the Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and scale to find out.

The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is a reliable and efficient gadget for new moms. (Image courtesy of Hatch Baby.)

Have you ever tried to weigh a baby? I recently had my firstborn child and my wriggly bundle of joy refused to hold still. Thankfully, the creators of the Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and scale have come up with a solution for measuring a moving baby’s weight, along with providing a safe changing pad for little ones. I tested the second-generation pad and scale, finding things I liked and other things to improve. Here's what it was like.

What is the Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and scale?

While this may look like a traditional changing pad, the Hatch Baby Grow has a built-in wireless changing scale that parents can use to weigh their baby. Parents will need the companion app to use the scale functionality, but the Hatch Grow can also be used as a traditional changing pad.

What we like about Hatch Baby Grow

The Hatch Baby Grow offers the convenience of a multifunctional changing pad and scale all in one.

It really is a changing pad and scale in one

The Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and scale works as a changing pad out of the box. To use it as a scale, it requires caregivers to download an app to their smartphones. I registered for the scale, as the pandemic required more virtual consultations with my baby’s pediatrician. While a home scale isn’t as accurate as a medical scale, I still found it to be useful between in-person doctor visits.

The companion app is excellent

The app was the most useful thing about the smart scale. While my husband and I did record our baby’s weight, we used the app’s feeding tracker most frequently. I was breastfeeding and the Hatch Baby Grow app recorded the time of my last feeding, the duration of the feeding, and even which breast my baby had last drained.

Another feature on the app is the sleep tracker. As my baby would fall asleep after her feedings, it was convenient to monitor her sleep and mealtimes in the same app. My husband and I were able to track when our baby last ate, even if we used different phones running Apple and Android.

The changing pad is easy to use

The diaper changing pad was easy to clean — you can simply wipe it down — and it's made with a foam upper that is not cold for a baby. It came with optional straps to ensure your baby does not roll off the changing pad, which I found easy to attach and snap in place.

My daughter on the Hatch Baby Grow smart scale. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong,)

What we don't like

Unfortunately, this app isn't super useful for parents that have their hands tied up with changing time.

You can’t use the scale without a smartphone

The Hatch Baby Grow smart scale requires a smartphone to be more than a changing pad. This can be a pain for recording weights, as my phone needed to be within range — without a phone, I could not weigh my baby.

There’s no hands-free functionality in the app

The app does not support voice commands for hands-free functionality, which would be handy while breastfeeding. As I needed both hands to position my baby to breastfeed, I would be unable to log a feeding until my baby was latched on. I wasn’t tracking by the millisecond, but it was frustrating to have my feeding times always off without another adult to start the feeding in the app.

How much does the Hatch Baby Grow cost?

The Hatch Baby Grow costs $149.99. Unlike traditional changing pads, it doesn't require a separate cover or pad.

Should you buy the Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and scale?

The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is a reliable and efficient gadget for new moms.

I found the Hatch Baby Grow to be a useful gift. The changing pad is sturdy, and as a scale, it’s easy to set up. The app was truly invaluable. For a changing pad, there are plenty of other options, but if you want an intuitive baby app to track weight, feedings and sleep, the Hatch Baby Grow smart scale is an excellent choice.

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